Friday, April 10, 2015

Kimono #2 (In the series of 12) DP #14

(Bidding starts at $150.00)

Kimono #2 measures 14"x11"; it is a collage mounted on cradled board.  Ready to hang!

It is part of a series of 12 collages assembled into the shape of a garment.  Each collage is created with reassembled paintings of mine.  This one is made of only one painting, a work that began its life as an oil painting on Yupo paper of a vase, an onion and two garlics straight from a friend's garden (or maybe the farmer's market?).  It was my first painting using this paper and I had no idea how to handle it, thus the unsuccessful painting.  However I rather like its rebirth as a collage.   

You can see two other examples of this series in previous Blogs dated March 26 and April 2 of this year.

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